Richard Bailey
Professional Forester, Inc.


Consulting Arborist Services 

Tree Protection During Construction:

We provide the following services in this regard:
1.  Pre-construction Tree Health Evaluation.
2.  Tree Protection Planning.
3.  Erection of Protective Barricades and silt fencing.


Evaluation of Tree Health:

1.  We provide expert identification and Diagnosis of Pests and/or Diseases.
2.  We will determine and give detailed report on the health and condition of any tree
3.  And we will make expert recommendations for ongoing care and/or treatment of any tree.
4.  We are also able to offer treatment for some pests, diseases, and nutritional imbalances in the form of tree-injections and soil drenches where required
Compliance & Permitting:

1.  We give assistance and advice with County or City Code compliance issues within the Tampa Bay area.

2.  We also provide assistance with Tree related permit applications to regulatory authorities in the Tampa Bay area and will submit such applications on behalf of our clients.
Tree Evaluation:

Our company also conducts evaluations to determine the monetary value of any tree for insurance, legal claim, or property evaluation purposes using ISA approved industry standard methodology.
Expert Witness Services:

Richard Bailey provides impartial expert witness testimony in the event of tree related legal disputes.
On-Site Supervision:

Richard Bailey Professional Forester, Inc. does not perform any tree pruning or removals. However, we do offer to supply on-site supervision by a Certified Arborist of tree pruning activity to ensure compliance with ANSI A300 (Part 1)-2008 Pruning standards and ISA Best Management Practices-Tree Pruning (Revised) where required by regulatory authorities.

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